I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Architecture degree. My goal is to pass the licensing exams in the state of California and work in the architectural field when I move to San Diego in September. I am seeking full time employment in the greater San Diego area within the field of architecture or graphics and marketing. I have some experience working with small to medium sized architecture firms and residential construction, working on mockups, drawings, and marketing. ​

            My experience at school has guided my architectural tastes and approaches to solving architectural problems. I prefer to focus on site context and collaborative design, complete project synergy, and designing with a modern and industrial architectural style. I hope to work closely with clients in the future with the hope that the projects are both architecturally interesting and beautiful and are completed with a high level of client satisfaction. While my primary interest is in residential and religious architecture I am interested in all types of design in some manner.

            I am continuing to evolve my own vocabulary and preference for architecture and design, so I am looking for experience in all fields to further define myself as a future professional. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to ask any questions about my work, future, or academics.