Alcosan Riverside Park

Professor: Rebecca Henn

Fall 2013

15 Weeks

ALCOSAN Riverside Park

     The ALCOSAN Education Center was proposed as a welcome center and museum that would educate the public about the wastewater treatment plant in Pittsburgh, PA. I proposed extending the bike path, connecting it into a loop as well as showcasing the hidden parts of the plant. The mission statement for the project was as follows:

     Offering an escape from the abrasive urban and industrial context by providing recreational and educational facilities. Education through connections. The bike path connects the public with the site in a macro scale. The bike path connects the users along the site to the various elements. The dock and boat storage connects the public back to the river. The water outflow showcases the connection ALCOSAN has with the river - and therefore - the impact it has on the residents of Pittsburgh.

David Sellers  •