Brooklyn Bridge Museum

Professor: Loukas Kalisperis

Spring 2013

15 Weeks

Brooklyn Bridge Museum

     The Brooklyn Bridge Project was part of Penn State's collaboration with the National Concrete Masonry Association Competition. The 15 week project was ended with a competition in which the project took top-ten honors. The project was inspired by the caissons, large wooden boxes that support the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge. The caissons were worked in order to find a sure foundation in the river bed.


     "Inside the caisson everything wore an unreal, weird apearance. There was a confused sensation in the head, like the rush of many waters. The pulse was at first accelerated, then sometimes fell below the normal rate. The voice sounded faint, unnatural, and it became a great effort to speak. What with the flaming lights, the deep shadows, the confusing noise of hammers, drills and chains, the half-naked forms flitting about, if of a poetic temperament, get a realizing sense of Dante's Inferno. One thing to me was noticable, time passed quickly in the caisson."

-E.F. Farrington, Master Mechanic

David Sellers  •