1 - Title
2 - Holistic Health
3 - Programming and Phasing
4 - Church Involvment
5 - Growth In New England
6 - Church History
7 - Meeting House Analysis
8 - Aerial View
9 - Form Study
10 - Precedent
11 - Volumes
12 - Amherst Data
13 - Site Plan
14 - Plans
15 - Sections
16 - Elevations
17 - Courtyard
18 - Common Space
19 - North Approach
20 - Wall Section

The New Church of Amherst

Advisor: Madis Philak

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

30 Weeks

Church Architecture for Holistic Health

     A study of how new hybrid church-community centers can improve holistic health in New England.

    The New Church of Amherst is a new building typology located in Amherst, Massachusetts. This thesis is the cumulation of multiple studies, including research on the state of holistic health in America, existing programmatic breakdowns of churches, community centers, and holistic health centers, and the historic local context. 

     Holistic health is a problem, especially in New England, as New England is the least spiritual region of the country. The goal of introducing the New Church of Amherst is to provide a neutral location for the student and local population of Amherst to nurture mental, physical, and spiritual growth. 
    This new building typology will improve holistic health in New England, and act as an example for the rest of the country. Reintroducing the church as a place of growth and healing reinforces the Biblical roots of the church, and will change church perception in New England.